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Monday, November 14, 2011

Korea in spring

When I restarted this blog, I promised to show some pictures of Korea and that idea seemed pretty popular  with readers as I immediately got messages asking when I would post them up. Unfortunately, I've not been to Korea tt often this year so I'll have to show you some pictures of Korea when I was there in spring 2010, for my friend's wedding :) It was my very first trip to Korea- pretty much my first interaction with Korean stuff really- and how I fell in love with Korean products :)

My friend's parents took us to N Seoul Tower, Namsan Park. (You can take the cable car up and down. If I'm not wrong, this was featured in the hit 2005 (one of my top faves!) "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" starring Hyun Bin and Kim Sun-Ah. What's also interesting about N Seoul Tower is tt a lot of Korean couples like to come here to immortalise their love by placing a lock, usually with a message, on the fences- the keys are then thrown away to symbolise the lovers' resolve to be together, forever!

If size is anything to go by, the couple who left the big red heart lock below won't have to worry about breaking up :P
In perhaps a typically Singaporean move, I asked my friend how come no one is selling locks around the fences. Lol. Potential business enterprise if you live in Seoul! :)

There were also some interesting light sculptures and a "performance" by guards in traditional dress. If you've always to try on a Korean hanbok, they offer some really pretty ones for anyone to try on and take a picture with the guards, at no extra cost!

We also visited Cheonggyecheon- Ki Joon was spotted here with his ex by Soo-ra in Lie To Me- which is a pleasant place to walka round, especially when the cherry blossoms are blooming in April!

My friend also kindly arranged for a tour of one of Korea's smaller palaces- there is a guided tour in English- I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the name of the palace!!! But the architecture was really interesting and one thing tt really struck me is the King's room was TINY! But I guess it made sense if you think how cold Korean winters can get and you'd probably want to conserve heat! lol

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Korean dramas & films available via iheartkoreanbeauty

I've been rather good lately and held off purchasing Korean dramas (bad for my purse and my time management! Not sure about the other K-drama lovers out there, but when I start on an interesting drama, everything else flies out of the window and I need to finish it before I can  actually do anything with my time :P) Unfortunately, Lie to Me was released in DVD form, and I've heard so much about it from my friends that I ended up buying it and everything went downhill from there :P (FYI, this drama is so popular that it's already sold out at Poh Kim. My Mom has watched in TWICE in a week! :P So I guess it was money well spent :P)

Photo courtesy of the Korean Drama website.

Anyway, back to the subject on hand, iheartkoreanbeauty will now be providing a purchasing service for our international customers who would like to buy Korean dramas and films but are unable to get their hands on them at a reasonable price (most likely cheaper than other online stores such as yesasia and co). We will purchase these dramas from their local distributors so everything is 100% genuine (and not pirated). DVDs with subtitles (Chinese, English etc) are available too, but usually cost a little bit more :)

Do email us about the dramas that you are interested in and we will check on the pricing for you :)

Have a nice day!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Baviphat: Fresh Cleansing Lotion review

Baviphat Fresh Cleansing Lotion: 3 out of 5 stars

This is an average product in my opinion. It removes heavy make up decently but doesn't leave the skin feeling as fresh as I'd like- or as the name would suggest!- after just washing with water. You need to follow with a cleansing foam to get clean-feeling skin. On the plus side, it's inexpensive :)

The bad boy look: Kim Hyun Joong & JYJ's Yoochun

Has anyone noticed that the bad boy look seems to be becoming more popular with Korean artistes? First it was pretty boy Kim Hyun Joong from the F4 shedding his image as the gentleman-like Yoon Ji Hoo. (Check out his new MVs Breakdown on YouTube:

Now it's JYJ's Yoo Chun's transformation for "High Cut" magazine. You can see the pictures here:

I must say that they both look pretty hot though :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

More on Hallyu: SNSD in New York!

After finishing my post on The Economist's article on the spread of Hallyu, it seemed just too apt when I read on Yahoo news that SNSD had just debuted in the US!
All 9 girls in SNSD stopped by the MTV studios in Times Square, NYC, which was then broadcasted live. The girls also performed to a sold-out crowd at the Madison Square Garden, an experience that SNSD's Tiffany described as "epic" and Jessica described as "an honor" and "a lot of fun".
SNSD's maxi-single "The Boys" will be released in the US on Nov 19. This track has already been released in Korea, but the English version was first performed live at the concert. Although the group has not yet started working on a full-length US album, they hope to do so soon. Keep your fingers crossed!
And, SNSD even headlined a section in New York Daily News! (For those interested, the article is titled "K-Pop's Secret Weapon" in the "Your New York" section of the paper) This is one of the largest tabloids in NYC with a circulation of over 1/2 million every day- looks like the group's popularity is set to grow even further!
Click here to watch their debut! :)

The Economist: Hallyu, yeah!

I don't know about you, but The Economist has always struck me as a very "serious" magazine, so I was rather surprised to see an Economist Article on South Korea and its popularity worldwide :)  It was interesting reading, so am sharing the link below:

Hallyu, Yeah!

A “Korean wave” washes warmly over Asia

Jan 2010


Sorry for not posting the article here, but I can't remember what the copyright rules for such things are!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Photo review: Innisfree Color Change Tint Balm

Photo review: Innisfree Color Change Tint Balm  SGD 17.10 (5 out of 5 stars)

This may be the last photo review I'll be doing for a while (will just write articles on Korea instead, which seem to be more popular anyway! :P) as there's some sort of problem with my photo uploader atm, so I can't upload any of the pictures that I've taken for reviews!! Good thing I took this last weekend :P

Innisfree has been coming up with a lot of good make-up (or at least interesting, since I've not tried the others I can't really say if they are good) products lately and this is one that I really wanted to try.

With 5 delicious looking colours, I had a hard time choosing but finally decided on the blue, as the big colour change looked cool :)

Firstly I must say I LOVED the packaging. The whole tube is transparent, and the only hint of colour is the blue lippie inside. Awesome, very classy looking! (Unfortunately I don't have a picture- I did take one but I think I deleted it because it was a little blur and now I can't upload any new pics!!!) It sort of looks like what you see above but even nicer :)

The colour change takes place slowly, and you get to appreciate seeing the transparent colour turn pink (yup the blue is transparent when first applied)- I think it might be triggered by heat or contact with the skin, as the tip of the lippie turned pink as well, giving it a nice swirly look :) Here is what it looks like on my hand:

As you can see it's a great colour for ladies who love pink but don't want something too blatant :) I am a big fan of lip stains and tints- don't really use anything else- but some customers have fedback that the stains/ tints tend to be a bit too startling in their pinkness :) So if you wanted something more subtle, this would be a good in between colour :)

Unlike a normal stain, this lippie is slightly moisturising. However, unlike the Tony Moly color change balm or a normal lip balm/ gloss,  it is not sticky :) I rubbed the mark above with my fingers and the moisture balm rubbed off but was NOT greasy. I didn't even feel like I needed to wash my hand afterwards! Rubbing the stain did unfortunately lighten it somewhat, unlike a regular lip stain/ tint :) But all in all I'd say the trade off is worth it :)

So to cut a long story short, the pros would be:
- classy packaging
- really cool colour change
- moisturising coloured lippie (but would not replace daily lip balm for those with very dry and chapped lips)
- is NOT sticky/ greasy/ hair attracting unlike normal lip balms and glosses
- colour does not smear when rubbed
- P.S. Did I mention the delicious tangerine smell?

And for the cons:
- colour lightens when rubbed
- for the very fastidious, be warned, the tip of your lippie will change colour as well after contact with your skin.

Try it for yourself and tell us what you think! :)