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Friday, September 10, 2010


Pore Cover Mouse Starter (Special price S$28)
REVIEW: This is one of Holika Holika's most popular ranges and the mouse starter is one of the bestselling products from the range. It feels extremely nice- light and easy to apply! Only used on my hand though so can't comment on other things, like whether it helps make-up stay on longer or not!

Pore Cover BB Balm (Special price S$27)
This is the product in the centre in the above picture. Available in #1 light beige (RESERVED- pls leave a comment or email iheartkoreanbeauty@yahoo.com for details on new stock arrival) and #2 natural beige.

Pore Cover BB Pact SPF 35 PA++ in #1 light beige (S$29.90- RESERVED. Pls leave a comment or email iheartkoreanbeauty@yahoo.com for details on new stock arrival)

Make Up Starter (S$1.50)

HOW TO USE: Apply before putting on make-up.

Cream Shadow & Petite Liner (S$22.90 each)

Note: Pls ignore the smudge in the 2nd left tube as I've kept tt one for myself- the smudge is from where I've used it (picture below).
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Comes in 5 colours:
- Top pic: Dark gray-silver with blackish liner 
- Left: Peach gold shadow and purple brown liner 
- 2nd left: Golden brown shadow and brown liner 
- 2nd right: Sky blue shadow and dark blue liner 
- Right: Grass green shadow and dark green liner 
Made in Korea.

REVIEW: This product comes in a very cute guitar shape! Great for travelling and the glitter shadow and (pencil) liner are really smooth to apply :) I love these multi-function products- and this one is quite cute too ;)

Wonder Drawing Dot Eyeliner #1 (S$21.20)
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Another cool invention for liquid eyeliner newbies :) Like the Baviphat Easy Drawing eyeliner, this is a stiff liquid eyeliner (tip is like a small felt brush but hard) so it's easier to use :) AND on top of that, there are 3 small tips instead of! This is for you to dot out the line tt you want to draw on your eyelids first before drawing it (you just use the 3 tips as if they were 1 tip if you want to draw out the line (and not dot it out) 

Dries very quickly and is smudge-proof! :)


Aqua Petit Starter (S$29.90- RESERVED. Pls leave a comment or email iheartkoreanbeauty@yahoo.com to pre-order. Delivery in November)

Aqua Petit Jelly BB SPF 20 PA++ (S$29.90- available in #1 and #2)

Aqua Petit Jelly Shadow #1 and #2 (Intro price S$19.50)


REVIEW: I really, really like this eyeshadow! It's so light and easy to apply and looks gorgeous and shimmery. Don't really know how to describe it- the texture is almost like watery jelly but at the same time, feels like it stays on your skin well? Hope this is actually giving you some idea what it's like and not just me rambling away :) 

#1 is silver and #2 light blue
Aqua Petit Blusher (available in #1 and #2) (S$19.80)
Photo coming soon!


Colour Change BB Cream (S$33- OUT OF STOCK. Pls leave a comment or email iheartkoreanbeauty@yahoo.com for details on new stock arrival)

Peach Girl BB Cream SPF 37 PA ++ #02 (S$33.90- only 1 left in stock)

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: "Rejuvenates a bubbly skin tone with vivid peach colour." Comes in 2 shades- #01 and #02. 

Made in Korea. Qty= 50 ml

REVIEW: This is really a bargain buy as a 3-in-1 product. Besides BB Cream, there is also a matching cheek and lip tint at the top of the tube as well as a mirror for primping! :) The cream blush feels a little creamy on first application but when you spread it out feels nice and matt. The colour is also very sweet!

Hello Holika Kitty Cat Blush (S$35)

Starlight mini lip gloss (Special price $2.50)


  1. Hi Zhen, do u hv the holika fairy bakery cookie blusher in 01?

  2. Sadly not :( But can pre-order for you :)