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Monday, November 14, 2011

Korea in spring

When I restarted this blog, I promised to show some pictures of Korea and that idea seemed pretty popular  with readers as I immediately got messages asking when I would post them up. Unfortunately, I've not been to Korea tt often this year so I'll have to show you some pictures of Korea when I was there in spring 2010, for my friend's wedding :) It was my very first trip to Korea- pretty much my first interaction with Korean stuff really- and how I fell in love with Korean products :)

My friend's parents took us to N Seoul Tower, Namsan Park. (You can take the cable car up and down. If I'm not wrong, this was featured in the hit 2005 (one of my top faves!) "My Name is Kim Sam Soon" starring Hyun Bin and Kim Sun-Ah. What's also interesting about N Seoul Tower is tt a lot of Korean couples like to come here to immortalise their love by placing a lock, usually with a message, on the fences- the keys are then thrown away to symbolise the lovers' resolve to be together, forever!

If size is anything to go by, the couple who left the big red heart lock below won't have to worry about breaking up :P
In perhaps a typically Singaporean move, I asked my friend how come no one is selling locks around the fences. Lol. Potential business enterprise if you live in Seoul! :)

There were also some interesting light sculptures and a "performance" by guards in traditional dress. If you've always to try on a Korean hanbok, they offer some really pretty ones for anyone to try on and take a picture with the guards, at no extra cost!

We also visited Cheonggyecheon- Ki Joon was spotted here with his ex by Soo-ra in Lie To Me- which is a pleasant place to walka round, especially when the cherry blossoms are blooming in April!

My friend also kindly arranged for a tour of one of Korea's smaller palaces- there is a guided tour in English- I'm ashamed to say I can't remember the name of the palace!!! But the architecture was really interesting and one thing tt really struck me is the King's room was TINY! But I guess it made sense if you think how cold Korean winters can get and you'd probably want to conserve heat! lol

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