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Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack, Mango Magic Brightening Fruit Mask, Peach All-in-one Peeling Gel and Paprika Trouble Out Jelly Cream

Fiona kindly shared this review with us! :)
"...some of its baviphat facial products are going to be permanent fixtures on my dresser. For one, the containers are uber cute. Brian was amazed to see me jump in excitement when I received my 2. Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Pack and commented that the company hit the right spot on women. But packaging aside, I was really thrilled that I could use it soon and have my skin bettered. If the product failed, what's the point of it even if the container is cute to have? (You may read about the components and functions of the fruit masks I found here.) (About 3. Red apple soft lip balm, I'd mentioned it before.)

I could describe my skin to be a combination type, leaning to oily especially in this tropic heat. With every menstrual cycle and hormonal fluctuations, I've seen good and bad, 
mostly bad skin days. I first bought the 1.Mango Magic Brightening Fruit Mask Pack, something I could wash off as I was unsure about leaving a new product on my face overnight. At that time, my skin was starting to " deteriorate", the mask was in my view, trying to gut out the hidden junk. I was going through a phase of red, patchy and pimply. Later, I tried the apple ac sample and overnight, it calmed the redness down a lot! It doesn't have a sticky after feel and smells like the real stuff, apples!

The 4. 
Paprika trouble out jelly cream also controlled the sebum well and I could go through the first few hours of the day without feeling greasy. So later on I got the 5. trouble out spot gel, part of the series, better convinced that it would work on me. I've tried the Peach All-in-One Peeling Gel Fruit Mask Pack sample too and like it as well. My skin was smoother after each use. So it's in my wish list now. As of now, my skin is on the recovery, I've noticed, along with these products and the others that I have, also to do with the hormones."

This is an extract from the following link:http://tablecalender.blogspot.com/2010/07/me-and-my-baviphat.html

Baviphat Apple AC Therapy Sleeping Mask (S$19.90)

Review 2
"I've also tried the Baviphat apple AC Therapy mask, just finished the first sample sachet and I'm amazed coz this is like the first time ever that I put something that smells divine on my face without getting bad reaction like itching or redness! Like I've said before, I've a sensitive and acne prone skin. I've just got back from Lombok, Indonesia and it was so hot there (such beautiful beaches, though). Putting on the mask at night really cooled my face and reduce the sunburn!"

Thanks for the reviews Ina! The original comments came in the form of an email so, unfortunately, I can't link to them!

Review 3
This review kindly came from Adeline :)

"I tried the (Baviphat) Apple mask on Sat and I think I really like it! Like ur review, though I don't wake up with a clear face, but it definitely looks clearer and the bumps seems smaller :)) Am quite excited about Baviphat products now."

Thanks for the review Adeline! The original comment came in the form of an email so, unfortunately, I can't link to it!

Tony Moly gel eyeliner (S$19.90)
This review kindly came from Angeline in the form of an email- thanks Angeline :)
"The gel eyeliner has been really good! I do get the same results as you in hot weathers where it would smudge a lil.. but i just got really oily lids that even after putting urban decay primer, my eye makeup still smudges argh."

Innisfree Trouble Care BB Cream (S$19.90)
This review kindly came from Widjaja in the form of an email :) Thanks Widjaja!

"My innisfree bb cream works like charm! :) love it alot !! ^^"

Tony Moly tomatox brightening mask (S$19.90)

Review 1
This review kindly came from Elaine :)

"Besides looking cute, Tomatox also works really well too! On initial application, I thought that I might have to use a cleanser after removing the mask because it felt rather "heavy". After rinsing my face with just water however, my skin feel so clean and bright - no cleanser required! Although my skin feels really clean, it doesn't have that tight and overstretched feeling - so far, I like the mask :) it really does iron out the uneven skin tone and makes my skin fairer after application - I'm gonna try using it consistently for a month or so and see if the effect would be more permanent. :) It's true that it might be a bit harsh on drier or more sensitive part of the face tho but it isn't too bad and I still like it a lot :)"

Thanks for the review Elaine! As the original comment came in the form of an email, unfortunately, I can't link to it!

Review 2
This review kindly came from Belle Ann Sebestian :)

"I like the Tony Moly tomatox because it's quick and made my skin feel cleaner, like a whole gunk of stuff was removed. Did feel a little harsh on the dryer parts of my face though. Considering getting the appletox now" 

Thanks for the review Belle! The original comment came in the form of an email, so unfortunately, I can't link to it!

Tony Moly Green Lip Tint (S$9.90)
This review kindly came from Elaine :)

"The Green Lip Tint really turns pink on contact with skin! It's so fun to use! The smell is faint but yummy nonetheless - with a hint of grape or apple. Personally I do not like overly flushed lips so a lil' dab on the gel then onto my lips goes a long way for me. I got a feeling this lip tint will last forever for me haha! But of course I will note the shelf life of this baby ;)"

Thanks for the review Elaine! As the original comment came in the form of an email, unfortunately, I can't link to it!

Tony Moly Party Lover Crystal Eye Decoration (Copper) (S$9)

EH kindly shared the following review with us! :)
"EH said...

I love the partylover crystal eye decoration in copper. it is subtle enough to wear to work and lasts all day. Eyeliner stays in place and does not smudge or crack and so easy to draw with. Will try different colours!"

Thanks for your review EH! To view the original comment, pls click on this link:

Baviphat Applemint Cleansing Balm (S$12.20)

Hui Yi was so kind as to provide this review for us:

"When I used the cleasing balm for the first time, the was a visible difference. I used it on my nose. I managed to clear off some blackheads and the skin turned smoother. However there are still quite a lot of blackheads left. Since my blackheads were there for a long time, I guess I would need to use it longer to see a bigger difference.

I use it every morning before I wash my face and at night before I bathe. But everyday, the blackheads removed the day before appeared again! I used lukewarm water to wash the balm away after using. I was thinking I massaged the balm in the wrong way? Or do I need the applemint cleansing foam?? :S Or maybe, again, I still need more time for those stubborn blackheads.

Overall, I still think its a good product! At least it removed some of my "old" blackheads that other products didn't managed to."

Thanks Hui Yi! Unfortunately the original review was in the form of an email so I can't link to it.

Baviphat lip fruit balms (S$9.90)
"Stripy twin 1 said (MAY 27, 2010 6:17 AM):
I bought the baviphat lip balm in all 3 flavours, red apple, lemon and peach. I could not resist the cute packaging! Not only are they all very cute, fun and deliciously scented, and unlike many other products I have bought over the years, they are non sticky and leaves my lips nourished with a silky smooth soft texture.

They make great gifts, I have given many away and all my friends want more!"

Thank you for your review Stripy twin 1!

You can view the original comment here:

Innisfree Everlasting Anti-Wrinkle Cream (S$34- only 2 left in stock)
Michelle kindly left us the following review:

"Many creams on the market just contain cheap chemicals that may work in the short term but they hurt the skin tissue, irritate, dry the skin and can cause more wrinkles. An alternative to anti aging treatments are anti wrinkle creams that can make a huge difference in your facial appearance as long as the cream only contains natural ingredients. I read about Innisfree everlastingWrinkle Repair and it fulfills all my needs, thank you so much."


  1. Hi! :)

    This review kindly came from Lynn Ho-

    "I'm loving the holika egg soap right now! I'm very surprise that it lathers to a creamy soft foam and it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple without the typical skin-tightening effect with normal soap. And, does it have whitening properties? Because after washing my face has this after-masking whitening effect, isn't that wierd? Haha. Now, i look forward very much to my daily face routine just because i want to use the soap. I highly suggest you to recommend all girls out there to purchase this good for value egg soap, but, for the reducing blackhead effect wise i have yet to seen" (Note: I received this feedback abt 1 week after Lynn purchased the soap and it takes about 4 weeks for the reduced blackheads effect to be apparent :))

    Thanks for the review Lynn!

  2. This review kindly came from Michelle :)

    Holika Holika egg soap
    "I love the Holika Holika egg soap cause it really clears the pores and forces all the white heads out!!!Also, it does brighten my skin as well!"

    Innisfree mint no sebum powder
    "As for the Innisfree powder, i love it cause it really helps help absorb the oil on the face! Plus, it gives a clean and soft look on the skin!!!Yeap!!"

    Thanks Michelle :)

  3. Elaine kindly contributed more reviews! :)

    Holika Holika egg soap
    "It's uber cute and not too harsh on the skin. After using it for about 3 weeks now, my skin is brighter too - must have some whitening effect as well. I'm not too sure about the blackheads because I have really stubborn ones but I must say that my pore pack mask is not as 'populated' as before when I use it. The soap lathers into a soft creamy foam; feels lux like my Shishedo facial foam."

    Innisfree O2 mask
    "It is such an amazing mask! Aesthetically, it is just so fun to see it foam up and bubble. I use the mask on my whole face so at the end of 2 minutes, I look like a huge piece of marshmallow. Bimbotic comments aside: you could actually feel the bubbles/foam forming and 'rinsing' your pores. The foam continues to work its magic while it reduces gradually - it feels like there are many little 'gentle scrubbers' cleaning each of your pore and polishing your face. The mint calms the skin and upon removing the mask, my skin immediately look brighter and fairer - almost glowing, even my mum noticed the distinct change. It is very refreshing and is a great pick-me-up mask. I love it and recommends it!"

    Baviphat AC Apple Sleeping Mask
    "First of all, thank you Zhen for giving me a sample - without which I wouldn't have purchased the whole 'apple'! The mask smells delish! Absolutely yummy! The color and texture, coupled with the smell, made it almost edible. I have horrible outbreaks during my time of the month; think BIG acne, the mask is an absolute savior! It calms the redness and reduces the size of my acne-s. It's not magic after all so the acne-s do not go away completely overnight but unlike other anti-acne products, this mask does not dry my skin up and it does not cause peeling. In fact, my skin feel moisturized in the morning. After rinsing it, my skin also feels very soft and smooth. It is one of Baviphat star product for a good reason; try it! And do I need to say more about the packaging ;) "

    Thanks Elaine! :)

  4. Tony Moly whitening and anti-wrinkle sleeping pack:
    My face looked so clean after I showered in the morning! I'm really not a sleeping pack fan cos it's so sticky but this one works. Just one night. Nod. Very good.

  5. Thanks for the review Belle! :) I'm assuming you mean the Intense Repair Dual Effect sleeping mask right? Good to hear you liked it :)

  6. I find the tony moly mango gold bb cream absolutely smooth and comfortable. It disguises uneveness in my complexion and I feel
    great all day, even in the evenings when I have to atttend functions after work.

  7. Hi Golden Girl! Thanks for your review but erm are you referring to the nano gold BB cream?? Anyway glad to hear tt it works well for you :)

  8. Baviphat AC+ Cure Spot Control Stick
    Purchased this about a fortnight back cos I've been trying to find a product that wouild get rid of my both small and big blemishes. Zhen recommended I get this cos she uses it herself so i figured, why not?

    Definitely didn't regret getting this! After 1-2 of applications every night after the toner, my blemishes grew smaller and soon disappeared. I'm now looking forward to cleansing my face every night and using this product. Highly recommended!

    Holika Holika egg soap
    I also purchased this last week cos it's been so highly raved my hands were itching to get them. And i really love them. It leaves the skin fresh and supple (Not dry and tightening!) and my face looks brighter now compared to before which i'm loving :) There's not much of a need for me to apply make-up anymore cos this keeps my face pimple free! (Along w the spotstick :D)

    Sorry for the lenghty review but i just wanted to share how amazing the products are.


  9. I bought quite a variety of items for myself & friends, so I really dunno which ones to review about now. Personally, for me, I love The Face Shop Flebeaute Collagenic Eye Contour Serum (we are never too young to use collagen, right? MUST START EARLY in order to prevent regrets when we're older). Every night I dab the serum around my eyes & go to bed. After about 2 weeks, the skin around my eyes don't look so dry & wrinkled anymore! *thumbs up thumbs up*... also, it did not give me any milia.

    Another product that I bought was The Skin Food Ginseng Mask. It doesn't require a lot of time to leave the mask on (only 5mins or so), then rinse off - good for ppl like me who are sometimes too busy to leave a mask on for 15mins. There is a very strong ginseng scent so it must mean that there are really good stuff inside, right? After about 3 weeks, my complexion is clearer & more moisturized. It states that the product is supposed to stimulate collagen, I dunno if my face gotten any firmer yet. Probably still too early to tell. Besides these are not miracle products & have to take awhile before results show, right. Keep you updated! Still, so far so good! I am satisfied with both products & your excellent service!

    p.s - the use of collagen products does not indicate that I am OLD... =/ I just want to start maintaining the firmness of my skin now.

  10. @Sharmaine -> Thanks for the reviews! Glad they work well for you :) You have 2 entries in the prize draw now :)

    @Gni -> Thank you too! :) Glad you're happy :) Haha thought the ginseng mask was for your Aunt? ;) You have 2 entries in the prize draw now too :) Oh and I can personally attest that Gni is very young! :)

  11. Hi Zhen!!! Yes it WAS for my aunt. But you know, ppl cancel their orders last minute & I don't want to cancel on you. =/ So I kept it for my own use. I haven't tried the Tony Moly Foot Peeling Liquid yet. But if I give a review on that, does it count?

  12. iheartkoreanbeautyAugust 14, 2010 at 7:17 PM

    Thanks Gni! Yeah, unfortunately I do abt cancellations :( So I really, really appreciate what you did esp since I know you weren't tt big on Skin Food before :) So thank you so much!!!! :) Very much appreciated :) And yup any review on the Peeling Liquid counts since Kathie got it fm ihkb ;)

  13. I got the Tony Moly Peeling Foot Liquid from Zhen!! It is not harsh at all on my feet & some dead skin did flake off after the 4th day. After about 1 week or so, my feet is smoother & softer! My heels look a little cracked before, but after using the Peeling Foot Liquid, the cracked area looks less obvious now! I LOVE IT!

  14. iheartkoreanbeautyAugust 23, 2010 at 11:56 PM

    Thanks for the review Kathie, glad to hear you liked it! :) I msut say it proved to be more popular than expected (didn't think many people would go for it given the hefty price tag) but all have sold now! :) 1 lady got 6!!! Yay :)

  15. ~biyun's review~

    skin type: combi
    skin tone: fair

    ~part 1~

    holika holika egg soap

    i first saw it on another site and realised it's always sold out and i stumbled on this site. it was one of the items i told myself im going to purchase first if im gonna get anything. and im so happy with it =) when i opened my package of items, i smelt light floral scent and i thought it came from some other product, which soon after i realised it came from the soap. however, when used on the face, you can actually smell a tinge of egg-y smell (which i don't really mind). it lathers up really quickly and is really light for the skin. for all cleansers, we always have to foam it up before using it on our face to prevent clogging of pores, and since its a soap we don't have to worry about the clogging. after washing, my skin feels really clean, but not to the extent of squeaky (cause squeaky means its too drying for me). my skin actually gives off a lighter shade after using, though only for a short while. the skin feels clean for quite a while. usually people with combi skin will feel that the skin is about to feel oily in about an hour, but after using this, the oiliness is actually at a minimal as compared to before. about removing of blackheads, i haven't seen it yet since i only used it for about 3 days. BUT. my whiteheads came out quite easily as compared to before. i guess this means lesser chance of them becoming blackheads which is a plus. since the egg soap is really light, i use it a couple of times a day.

    innisfree O2 mask

    this is such a fun mask! but it bubbles really quickly so you have to be really fast. even though it contains mint, it smells really fresh and it doesn't sting when applied. you can feel the oxidation of the mask on your skin and it doesn't itch (i had used other brands oxygen masks before and it usually gives a slight itchy feel). after about a minute plus when i feel the bubbling is done. i massaged the foam on my face. the texture of the foam is really soft. after washing away whatevers thats left, my skin feels softer.

    next post for ~part 2~

  16. ~biyun's review~

    skin type: combi
    skin tone: fair

    ~part 2~

    Baviphat AC apple vs tony moly berry berry whitening sleeping mask

    thanks zhen for thowing in ac apple! i really wanted to try it! both items are sleeping masks. i had berry berry from another seller because my friend that uses this says that her skin really became a tinge fairer after just 1 try. i tried it and it didn't really have any whitening effect on me as perhaps, im quite fair in the first place as compared to my friend, but the mask still works as to locking moisture and as a moisture mask. the first that came to me was the sweet smell of berries. the mask is a little oily for me even after 1 night. im quite bad with gauging how much of the mask i should use so sometimes i slap more on my face. lol.the next day when you awake, there will be a really strong smell (which i honestly don't really like) which you will keep smelling even after washing your face with cleansing foam. initially i thought it was the product, but after using ac apple, i realised there's the same smell in the morning. so im guessing that's the smell that fruit sleeping masks would give off. so we have berry berry that smells like sweet berries and ac apple that smells like a lot of apples (yums). personally, i actually like ac apple better as it works better on my skin. the morning i rinse of the ac apple mask, my skin did look brighter and the redness of some pimple died down a little. and my skin feels soft =) its less oily in the morning as compared to berry berry

    innisfree green tea pure skin and pure lotion

    both of these items are included as samples from zhen =) so thanks again. the green tea pure skin didn't smell like what i thought it might smell like -- green tea. it actually has a light minty and really fresh smell which i kinda like. even so, pure skin doesn't sting your face. the lotion works great, only a little is needed to cover the whole face. when i awoke the next morning, the next thing i did was to touch my face, as moisturisers/lotions usually leaves my skin a little oily the next day. but i was really surprised! and happy. keke. my skin felt smooth at first touch instead of oily. "the lotion absorbed really well!" was my first thought. im pretty sure its going to be on my next shopping trip here. keke

    well. that's my lengthy post on a couple of items =) hope its useful to some of you =) will do more reviews after using the rest~

    thanks to zhen again for the amazing stuff =) have a fun and safe trip =)


    I didn't quite like it when i first tried it on the back of my hands... but when i tried it for the first time on my face, IM HOOKED!!! i have to use it everyday now or else i feel lost *LOL* too extreme? yup, but when it gives me smooth, clearer looking skin, im convinced this is a *STAR* product :) The subtle smell invokes a sense of well-being too!

  18. Thanks Biyun and earshopbemerry for your products reviews- very kind of you to share your thoughts with everyone :) Glad to hear you like the stuff and will include the entries for you in the draw :)

  19. Eatshopbemerry also kindly shared these reviews with us :)

    Baviphat peach all-in-one peeling gel
    "Skin felt baby soft and smoother after use. The wonderful subtle fruity scent was a huge plus :)
    Updated 15 Sept 2010: After using this product on my face in the morning for a few days, I am glad to say that I look forward to waking up every morning just so I can get to use this spongey gel *LOL* Sounds weird right? But I truly adore this. It is gentle on the skin, yet it works. Though I don't think I have fairer skin now, my face somehow looks clearer ?"

    Innisfree Home Spa Strawberry Yogurt Pack
    "This Yoghurt mask reminded me of Laneige's version. Smells and
    looks like it too. The consistency was a little thick, and 'fibrous' ??
    Took a little more effort to spread though. Left the mask on for
    15 mins. After rinsing, skin felt supple and soft :) "

    Innisfree Apple Juicy Foaming Cleanser
    "This cleanser smells heavenly and skin felt soft to the touch.
    But my skin did feel a little tight afterwards."

    Holika Holika egg soap
    "Can i just say i LOVE THIS TO THE MAX? Solid soap which
    lathers easily. The smell lingers on for a good ten minutes even
    after i stepped out of the bathroom. Skin felt clean, without any
    tightness, and pores seemed smaller?? Off to a good start. I have
    a feeling this egg is gonna be a permanent fixture in my bathroom :P"

    Tony Moly appletox
    "Appletox took more effort into rubbing in than the Peach All in one Gel. One would not see that many 'dirt lumps' as compared to other brands, but skin felt soft to the touch even though the before/after pix does not look too different"

    Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm
    "This Pore minimiser or Pore smoother really works!! You'll see a velvety matte texture upon application."

    You can view the original review and pictures on-

    Thanks eatshopbemerry! :)

  20. Just tried the Etude house pore pack, very gentle on my skin, i get irritation from those normal pore pack but not this, the tightening sheet was cooling (but a little difficult to use) and the pore sheet was so "wow" - it removed lots of my blackheads. Excellent product

  21. Baking Powder Pore Cleansing Foam (etude house)

    Cheap and very good! :) I have sensitive skin with oily T-zone. I decided to give this baking powder cleansing foam a try because I have heard so many raves about it. Love it a so much cause it really helps reduce the oil around the t-zone area. Cleanses very well to with the very fine beads. Most important thing, it doesn't hurt my sensitive skin. For the price, this product is an excellent cleanser.

    Tony Moly Dual Sleeping Pack
    A very good sleeping pack, really. It does help to brightens up the skin. It also plumps up the skin immediately by the next morning. :) :) :)
    Smells very good too. Not oily too, despite it has some anti aging and moisturizing properties. And yes, does not cause irritation or breakouts on my sensitive skin. It is pretty affordable too. Will definitely repurchase!:)


    P.s. Zhen, will write the reviews for the other products after I try them. :)

  22. Thanks for the reviews Ros! :) Really happy tt both products worked well for you, especially since you have sensitive skin :) Look forward to reading your other reviews :)

  23. eatshopbemerry kindly shared the following reviews with us :)

    "nfused with the Omija goodness. The toner smelt
    nice before the teabag was dipped into it..... After the cold
    brew process, it smells WONDERFUL!! omg, i love the smell
    so much"

    "packaged to look just like the real thing

    Some websites recommend
    you pour some onto a cotton pad, then wipe over face... hmm, I prefer
    applying it directly onto face, wait for a minute or so, then start massaging.

    See? thats the 'dirt' on the back of my hands *YIKES*

    LOVING MY 2 NEW PDTS,.....

    Now why did i pick these 2 pdts?

    1) I tried the Wine Essencial (yup, it's spelt this way) Mask from Innisfree and
    loved the way it brightened my skin, minimised pores and kept skin smooth.
    I was impressed by the mask, hence I decided to try another popular pdt
    fr the range. This Wine peeling lotion actually does make skin appear
    fairer ( or brighter ). Skin felt smoother, but not much softer.

    2) Zhen sent me SF's Omija samples and got me addicted to the smell.
    As for the 'cold brew' part, i thought it was fun to actually 'play' with the
    pdt :P Have tried this toner thrice. Skin feels softer after use.
    Definitely picked the correct pdt for my skin :)"

    Thanks for the review :)
    The original review can be viewed here-

  24. Product: INNISFREE jeju volcanic pore clay mask

    I would really like to thank Zhen so much for her recommendation. :)

    This mask really minimize the zits and clear some whiteheads and some blackheads instantly without irritating my sensitive skin.

    As I really have very sensitive skin, I left this mask on my face for about 10 minutes only. The mask dries up pretty fast. And you won't feel that the skin become super tight like the usual wash off mask. The skin feels much cleaner. I definitely see the reduced size of the pores! :) And blackheads whiteheads, can really see that some of them are gone!!! Yay. And the zits!!! Whee. It also calms them down. Yay to Innisfree jeju pore clay mask. For the price that you are paying, this product is excellent. :)


  25. Hi Ros I am very, very glad tt you like the volcanic mask and tt it works for you, especially since you were telling me your skin is very sensitive :) (I just used it myself last night and it helped one super hard monster zit go down a lot :) ) Btw, you write really good informative reviews! :) Have a nice evening :)

  26. ONLY ENTRIES BEFORE THIS POST ARE ELIGIBLE FOR THE AUG/ SEP LUCKY DRAWY :) (No worries will have another lucky draw coming up soon ;) )


    Pix here :

    Will review in a few days time :)

  28. A personal review on Baviphat-Pearl Brightening Gommage Cream :D

    Smooth beige cream that could easily be mistaken as foundation base unveil as you opened the lit.
    Smells just like its from the Sea. Couldn't really decipher how it smells like but it does have a Sea-Side kind of smell. (If you get what I mean :P) Or maybe it's got something to do with the pearl? :D
    Great stuff anyway.

    Spread a little on my hand for this review at the photo above.
    Then rub it evenly(if you can) on the hand.
    Wait for a few minutes before you start rubbing again.
    Chukbae! Dead skin off you go. (LOL)
    Instant brighter skin can be seen! :)
    However, the cream needs a little work when rubbing maybe cause it's made from pearl.
    Nevertheless this cream is without doubt a really good skin brightener/ smoothen-ner :D
    When you rinse your face, you will absolutely fall in love as your skin will feel ultra smoother (Must have something to do with the pearl). *Nods* :D

  29. Black Bean Eyeliner #3
    This is an awesome eyeliner to start with as it gives an easy glide when used and would not break easily like other brands of eyeliner where if you exert too much pressure it will break off easily.
    A sweet metallic packaging with detailed wordings of product and brand itself.
    Comes with a back cap as shown above for other usage.
    One swift and you could like it.
    Just yet, after trying it out, it's not waterproof and smudge-proof.
    It could be washed off with water after rubbing for a few rubs and might smudge after awhile.
    You might not want to use it on a day where you think it might be raining or too humid weather.

    Overall, its still a cool packaging and Oh Dang eyeliner to start with. :)

  30. the innisfree O2 pore mask is really fun product! Seeing it bubble was really cool~ my skin feels good and nice after the mask. But a little difficult to keep the mask in place, the mask keeps bubbling near the bottle cap when i forgot to cover up. But nice product overall, love love love it. =D

  31. Sharing these reviews on behalf of my cousin :)

    1) Favourite product from the stash I got from you: Tony Moly Partylover mascara. How did I manage to survive all these years without this product?? To think that I've been through so many different mascaras, looking for the ultimate one that not only lengthens your lashes but does not smudge AT ALL, for as long as you wear it. It is also easy to take off with normal make-up remover. Fantastic!

    2) Holika Holika zit film serum (don't know what the proper name is) - I've found it to be very good for soothing troublesome spots just before they start getting too big and angry. So my zits never get too bad now.

    3) That little lip tint thingey (don't know what brand) - great colour and easy to carry around in makeup bag.

    2 is the AC SOS Therapy Filter Serum :)
    3 is the Tony Moly mini lip tint :)

  32. Tony Moly Shiny Foot Peeling Liquid

    Have finally tried this. :)
    Results are pretty good for the price.

    Although I did not follow the instruction fully. Hehe. I drenched my feet in the liquid for around 30 minutes instead of 20 minutes as instructed cause I have really dry and cracked heels. The chemical is pretty mild as the skin on my feet does not peel or turn red. The "dead" skin starts peeling pretty fast, within 4 days. During the peeling period, I would advise wearing socks cause you do not want to see all the peeling skin all over the place. The process of peeling completes within 3 days. So, like what the product claims, it delivers results within 7 days.

    Results: All the calluses are gone!!! :) Of course, for the cracked heels, they do improve a little, as in no more cracks. But I guess, because the skin is pretty thick there, only the "cracked" part is being peeled off. Nevertheless, I am still very satisfied cause no more cracked heels. Yay! And you'll love the baby feel like skin that you'll get after the whole process, minus the heels of course. :)


  33. Thanks Ros! :) Glad ot hear u like the foot thing :) I'm gonna do it again tomorrow myself ;) I have a macabre fascination with the peeling skin :P My Aunt's used it twice and she said the 2nd time a lot more came off so I'm keeping my fingers crossed tt the same will happen for me :)

  34. Review on the Innisfree Apple juicy cleanser:
    Heyys! I bought the liquid foaming cleanser.
    After my first use, well, all I can say is that it's really good as in for cleansing effects. My skin felt smoother and cleaner? Although my skin felt tight after use, so I recommend using the toner as well with it. I tried the green tea pure skin sample, and my skin felt heaps better. I have sensitive skin see(:


    Day 01

    On the day, it arrived, I actually decided to test it out. I wore it on top of my eye primer which I had applied before hand.

    I liked the consistency and flow of the liquid as I applied. You can control as to how thin or thick depending on your preference.

    The finely tapered felt tip allows you to control the thickness and it lines your eyes smoothly and evenly. It does not create messy globs and dispenses the right amount of product to avoid mistakes.

    I love winging it out at the end which I found it super easy to to do with this particular eyeliner. The colour is a nice intensified jet black and though I am not a huge fan of using black eyeliner, I did like the effect of this eyeliner. It did not come off as too strong and it certainly did not make me look fierce.

    It lasted pretty well during the duration of my outing and by the end of the day, it didn't flake or rub off at all, nothing of that sort. Pretty Impresseive!!!

    My only challenge came when I had to remove it. I used a ponds cream cleanser to remove it. While the rest of my make up came off, the eyeliner was still there as fresh as ever. I used baby's oil lite to remove, it did came off but not completely. I used a makeup remover wipe, didn't help much.
    I was kind of frustrated by then and my eyes were feeling sore.
    My last resort was to use Corine da farme eye make up remover gel that was given to me by a friend. I had lately been loving this makeup remover very much. Sadly this brand has been discontinued in Sasa, the outlet that used to carry it.

    This remover managed to clear up the remaining traces of the liner. The only difference between this remover and the others that I tried earlier was that Corine da Farme was water based while the other 2 was oil based.

    Day 02

    I used this eyeliner the following day again and this time without an eye primer. After applying the eyeliner, I actually went about preparing my bag for work. When I returned, there was actually a patch ring above my eye socket. I was like oh no! But then I managed to remove it with a cotton bud soaked with water and it came off easily.
    I felt my lids to be pretty sticky and it kept touching the back of the eye. By the time I reached work, again 2 black halo formed around my lid socket and thank god i had a cotton bud in my makeup bag to fix it.

    I felt that this is also could be due to the fact that I had combination to oily skin and depending on the weather, I can have slightly greasy lids at times.

    On Day 3, I used it with a primer and I did not have any issue at all. The liner stayed in tact throughout the day and was easily removed by Corine de farme gel.

    Overall, despite the slight challenge I faced, it still does not deter me from enjoying the good points of this eyeliner. It is a very decent quality you enjoy given the affordable price it is available at.

    I definitely recommend this if you are looking for a good eyeliner that lasts and gives a nice black. It is also great for those of you who are starters to lining the eyes or have a hard time lining the eyes because this pen forms allows you to concentrate on applying it just right .

    The owner of iheartkoreanbeauty, Zhen was very kind enough to send several samples from the other brands she carries i.e Innisfree and couple of others. She was aware that I was new to the Korean brands and she was very generous enough.

    Do check out her blogshop for more of the product ranges that she carries. Pretty much everything she has is in stock and she is very prompt with her emails.

    Thanks Reena!

  36. @Anonymous- this is a lil late, apologies, but thanks for your review! :)

  37. Raves: Innisfree Originated Mint Pore Tightening Skin

    I have grown to love innisfree skin care line so much, ever since my first purchase, which is innisfree jeju pore clay mask. Decided to try the Originated Mint Pore Tightening Skin since I am running out of Skinfood Peach Sake toner.

    This toner from Innisfree really tightens the pore without leaving the skin feeling tight. Hours after application, without any oil controlling moisturizer or serum, my skin does not appear shiny at all. You'll see pretty significant improvement, really. Apparently, this toner has very mild yet effective formula. It does not irritate my ultra sensitive and reactive skin and does it's job in keeping your pores "small" (like what I've said, upon application, you'll really see that the size does reduce!) and skin moisturized.

    Personally, I love this toner more than Skinfood's cause this one smells very nice and refreshing (cause peach sake toner smells kinda sweet for me), and of course, very cooling! :)

    For the price you're paying, it is really worth it! What's more, the toner is in being housed in a lovely glass bottle that has the vintage apothecary yet classy feel. Love it to bits!


  38. Product: Innisfree no sebum powder
    skin type: combination skin
    Review: I have tried this product a few time and I only got 1 word to describe: "amazing". it controls oil very well on me when I used it with Missha BB cream.Without sebum powder,I usually need to use plotting paper after 2 or 3 hours. And this product can help me control oil up to 6 hours. love it...

  39. Thanks Ros and Sherry! :) Good to hear u both like ur products! :)

  40. Reviews on Holika Holika's One Step Milk to Foam, Plumping Heart Cream, Face 2 Change Roller BB Balm and Skin Food Aloe Vera Cleansing Foam & more can be found at:


    Thanks Victoria :)

  41. Tried the Baviphat Slimming Bubble Peeling Gel, love love love it, easy to use and very effective (more effective than the normal exfoliating shower gels), my skin feels very smooth already :P. Sorry I couldn't come to the bazaar and thank you once again for the parcel. =)

  42. Hi ,

    thanks for the huge no. of samples, i have passed them on to my collegues hopefully they will be tempted. I have started doing review on innisfreee olive range, currently real power cream. My blog is http://favouredskin.blogspot.com

  43. Thanks for the review Huey and Anonymous :) @Anonymous, really happy the olive cream works well for u as I remember u telling me abt ur eczema :) Look forward to reading more of ur thoughts on ur purchases :) Oh and ur welcome for the samples, thanks for sharing with ur colleagues! :)

  44. skin type: combination skin

    Product: The Saem Gem Miracle W Pearl Beam Toner
    Review: I love this toner because it is totally different compared to others which contain alcohol. it is very gentle to my skin and feel like a light moisture lotion with a lot of tiny shiny power (maybe it is pearl powder) in it, I will repurchase it when I finish

    Product: The Saem Gem Miracle W Pearl Beam Emulsion
    Review: it is perfect to go with the toner, although the texture is not too thick, I feel really really moisturized when I put it on my face. And this cream didnt make me break out for the first try because my skin is quite sensitive to new cream, so Thank God... And the cream work well for me because I found my skin soft and slightly fairer and pore become smaller in the next morning, a should-try product

  45. Thanks for the reviews Sherry :) Glad they work well for u :)

  46. 2 Innisfree reviews from Peixin-

    Holika Holika Sebum Spot Serum
    - It smells really good and helps prevent blackheads and pimples! I used it on my T-zone and now even my U-zone! My nose is blackhead-free now! :)

    Windy Lip Balm Camellia 15 ml ,Windy Lip Balm Green Tea 15 ml ,Windy Lip Balm Tangerine 15 ml
    - Differs from normal lip balm as it is less oily and it stays on longer too! Worth $15. :)

    Thanks Pei Xin for sharing your thoughts! :)

  47. The Saem Arabia Treasure Body Lotion Review

    Got to know this product through eatshopbemerry's review and decided to give it a try. :)

    This body lotion really works! It is a very wonderful body lotion as it sinks in immediately after you apply it to your skin.
    It leaves the skin feeling moisturized, with no sticky, filmy residue. It feels as if you put nothing on to your skin, but your skin really feels very moisturized.

    It smells really delicious!!! :)
    Better than any other shea butter based lotion out there I would say.
    Overall, nothing that I dislike from this lotion. Will continue to repurchase after I finish this one.

    Thanks Zhen again for bringing good quality products at affordable price. I guess I am now a fan of the Saem products. Haha.

  48. Hi, I would like to review on the products i bought from your blogshop too!

    1. Innisfree Herb No Sebum Powder
    - This really works wonder! I have super oily T-zone and cheek and usually my nose turns shiny after around 2 hours. But with this powder, my nose is still shine-free for 4-5 hours! Love it so much! Even blogged about it too!

    2. Innisfree volcanic pore clay mask
    - I bought the travel tube and tried it 5 times. When it dries up there's no tight feeling like other clay mask. It doesn't dry up the skin. It helps to make my pimples heals faster! Can't see much effect on pore yet, guess have to continue using it to see the effect.

    Love the product from ur blogshop. Keep it up! =)

  49. hi! :D reviewing what i bought recently from zhen...

    1. Holika Holika Egg Soap Original
    this product was raved madly, and i can see why! :D this is the first time i'm using a face soap instead of a regular clenser, but this egg soap leaves my skin feeling so squeaky clean and fresh! :D i'm definitely repurchasing this when i've used till the 2nd egg, but one of the amazing thing is that this soap seems to last forever! it only needs about 1-2 rubs and you'll get so much lather already! :D best korean product purchase ever! :)

    2. Innisfree Anti-Trouble Tea Tree Cleansing Gel
    i really like how this makeup remover doesn't leave any oily feeling at all. plus it doesn't sting the eyes when removing eye makeup. the only con though is that it's not strong enough to remove my eyeliner. :( but otherwise, it's good and works well for bb creams and foundation.

    3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask
    i've only used this once since i received it (last week) so i can't really comment reliably on this. but for the one time that i've used it, it surprises me that clay masks don't crack and leave my skin feeling tight. :) will continue to use to see results.

    4. Tony Moly Cherry Tint
    the packaging is sooo cute! :D though the lip tint doesn't really "tint" like other lip tints do. :( it's more like a lip balm/gloss? where it looks nice when left on (and so moisturising!), but it comes off easily like any other lipsticks after eating. while, most other lip tint don't.

    5. Tony Moly Mini Lip Tint
    so small and cute! :D and it really stays on for a long time! :D i love how it's reddish instead of pink like other lip tints are, so it looks more natural when placed. :) i would use it and then dap a little clear lip balm for moisture, and it looks super natural and last so long! also, it's amazing as a blusher! :D will definitely repurchase!

    from samples of BB creams (requested, cause i'm trying to find a good BB cream!), these are the 2 that i felt was really really GOOD:
    1. Skinfood Agave Cactus Sun BB cream
    when i first saw the name on the sample i was like WHAT? cactus just doesn't seem appealing on the skin. however, after use, OMG it's amazing! :D it blends so well and so easily, and it's not too pale on the skin. :D i superlove this BB cream, and i might be purchasing this in future as a permenant BB cream. :D
    2. BRTC Jasmine Water BB Cream
    i love this shade as well, and i've heard a lot about BRTC being amazing in the BB cream department. this blends nicely, though not as easily as skinfood, and does make my skin a little lighter in shade. however, it's so natural looking, and i love it for that. i'm still debating between the skinfood & this brtc one for a BB cream choice, hopefully the sample packet will last me through a few days to be able to judge which is better suited for me! :D

    thanks zhen for all the emails and samples! :)

  50. Thanks for the detailed reviews Grace, very kind of u to take the time :)

    Thank you lifebeautyfood too :) Will check out ur blog soon :)

  51. my fourth or fifth or is it sixth? (haha) time shopping with zhen, as usual, impeccable service with impeccable products to top with up. pleasant as usual, zhen do not neglect, even when i only purchase one item. *TWO-THUMBS UP* =)

  52. I have some Tony Moly reviews too! Also Skinfood and Etude House. Check out my blog!


  53. The Appletox is awesome!